Caracal releases new single and launches iTunes album pre-order


Caracal now releases their second LP ‘Welcome The Ironists’ – an explosive album packed with colossal riffs, catchy melodies and epic choruses. Driven by powerful vocals and riotous guitars, the 10 tracks form a well-paced mix of fast, aggressive numbers and stomping slow-burners. Each track is anchored by a brutally efficient groove, with a full-bodied drum sound reminiscent of Thrice’s ‘Major/Minor’.

Fuelled with hard-hitting honesty and intensely personal lyrics, ‘Welcome The Ironists’ is Caracal’s most cohesive and affecting album to date. It will capture the attention of those who listen to Thrice, Norma Jean, Brand New, Envy On The Coast and Foo Fighters.

‘Welcome The Ironists’ was co-recorded and co-produced with Singapore’s leading music producer and sound engineer, Leonard Soosay at Snakeweed Studios (The Great Spy Experiment, I Am David Sparkle), and mastered in Canada with João Carvalho of João Carvalho Mastering (Sloan, Buck 65, The Weakerthans, Death From Above 1979)

Pre-order the album now on iTunes (

2 Responses to “Caracal releases new single and launches iTunes album pre-order”
  1. HL Joo says:

    Where can I purchase a physical CD copy of this album?

    • kittywurecords says:

      Hey HJ, You can purchase the physical album online from
      We’re also getting the CD and vinyl into the shops very soon.

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