Amberhaze – Raleigh EP – 11.1.11

Happy 11.1.11 everyone! Amberhaze releases his self-recorded, free-to-download, Raleigh EP today. Much suited for this cold wet weather (tropical or otherwise). Stream it or download at his Bandcamp page

VIDEO// I Am David Sparkle / Ghostfuck + A Bad Corpse

We checked out I Am David Sparkle at their rehearsal space.

I Am David Sparkle – ‘Swords Are Drawn’ album release show

Esplanade Presents ‘Swords Are Drawn’ Launch of the new I Am David Sparkle album ‘Swords’ Since its inception in 2001, I Am David Sparkle has garnered a strong underground following both locally & internationally with its style of instrumental music & intense live sets. To date, I Am David Sparkle has played tours & festivals … Continue reading

Then We Saw The Stars Again

Amberhaze’s THEN WE SAW THE STARS AGAIN releases today. then we saw the stars again is Giuliano Gullotti’s debut full length album under the amberhaze moniker. Recorded throughout 2008 and produced with Nick Chan at Wallwork Studios in the Spring of 2009, the record expands the sonic palette displayed on amberhaze’s Newborn EP and shapes … Continue reading

KittyWu September News

One minute it rains, the next minute it’s blazin hot. Either way I’m soaked. That’s September for you. LABEL NEWS AMBERHAZE ALBUM OUT 9 SEPTEMBER!!! The one-year-too-long-in-the-making debut album Then We Saw The Stars Again is FINALLY done, shrinkwrapped and all!!! We’ve been working on this for nearly two years, and Giuliano’s spent many sleepless … Continue reading