Demo Submissions

Demo submissions

We are not actively seeking for new signings. If you want to send us CDs, we’re more than happy to receive them (Yay free CDs!) and we will try to listen to everything, though we simply cannot answer each and every band and will only respond to those bands we are interested in talking to (Or music that simply gives us the heebee jeebies). However, you’ll stand a better chance if you fall in the of Shoegazemetalectroninstrumentalexperirock type of sound. Have a listen to our discography or the type of gigs we put out, to understand this. Please do not send Mp3’s, press kits, or lists of awards that we have not heard of. (No one likes receiving large files in their email, and we usually delete that right away.)

Please follow these suggestions if you wish to propose a band to us:


  • First off, please ONLY send us an email with a link to your website/facebook/myspace/bandcamp/youtube together with a brief one paragraph introduction of the band.
  • We DO NOT accept unsolicited demos. It wastes your time, money and effort putting it together if we feel that it doesn’t fit into our repetoire in the first place.
  • DO NOT SEND MP3 or other large digital files by email unless requested, they will be ignored, skipped and deleted.
  • Ensure that you include contact details.
  • DO NOT write/email/phone/etc. to check that we have listened to your demo – we are sent hundreds of demos and cannot respond to everyone! If we want to chat with you, we will be in touch!

We’re only accepting bands with cat names for now.



No. really.


I keed.




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