KWR001 I Am David Sparkle – This Is The New

Artist: I Am David Sparkle
Album title: This Is The New
Street date: 07 Nov 2007
Format: CD/Digital
Genre: Instrumental
Label: KittyWu Records
Catalog No.: KWR001
UPC: 6 89076 03610 8

1. The Way of The Universe
2. Do You Cry While You Sleep?
3. Jaded Afghan
4. There Is No Time for Love, Only Chaos
5. If I Never Come Back
6. Dance of Death
7. All There Is To It (Unlisted Track)

“Play this in an empty room, let the sounds soothe and calm you before making your head explode.”
–  Junk Magazine, Malaysia

Exemplifying and amplifying the thoughts of this particular review, ‘This Is The New’ is an urgent return by Singaporean instrumental outfit I Am David Sparkle.

This second release by the band explores and answers the new spirit felt within while expanding on the sonic territory that was hinted at with their debut release ‘Apocalypse of Your Heart’ EP. Eschewing vocals and instead opting for textured and dynamic instrumentation, ‘This Is The New’ spreads over 7 tracks of pressing rhythms, atmospheric
moments and emotional depths achieved through the matured artistry of their instruments. The absence of words in the music does not mean that they have lost their meaning – but rather they are to be imagined by the listener.

The tracks were written as musical vignettes inspired by the musings over love, life and beauty: where thematic elements of true love (The Way of The Universe); desire (Do You Cry While You Sleep? / Jaded Afghan); the power of and sensitivity to disorder (There’s No Time for Love, Only Chaos); absence and solitude (If I Never Come Back); and finality (Dance of Death / All There Is To It) were explored as sonic canvases. As a collection of songs however,
‘This Is The New’ represents the coming of a new age – one of rebirth and renewal felt – which is exactly what I Am David Sparkle experienced through the writing and recording of this album.

Coupled with a gorgeous and detailed packaging concept with messages hidden in between folds and and a intimate personal experience to get to the music inside, ‘This Is The New’ is a labour of love for both the band and the listener it engages.

This is I Am David Sparkle’s first release with KittyWu Records.

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