KWR012 Japan Tour 2011 Compilation


Artist: Various Artists
Album Title: Hajimemashite – From Us To You – Japan Tour 2011 Compilation
Catalog No.: KWR012
Format: CD
Street Date: 5 November 2011
Label: KittyWu Records

Track List:

1. Kingdoms And Queens 王国と女王 – Nicholas Chim

2. Mannequins マネキンズ – MONSTER CAT

3. The New 21 新しい21 – I Am David Sparkle

4. Underwater 水面下 – MONSTER CAT

5. I Want You Againまた、君といたい – Nicholas Chim

6. Everybody Loves Somebody 皆は誰かが愛しい – I Am David Sparkle

A promotional only compilation of selected songs by MONSTER CAT, I Am David Sparkle and Nicholas Chim for their combined Japan Tour 2011.


Compilation P&C 2011 KittyWu Records. All individual tracks copyright owned by the artists indicated. The sound recordings in this compilation are reproduced under license by the individual artist to KittyWu Records. Nicholas Chim appears courtesy of 29 Cornflakes.

Tour promotional compilation. Only available in Japan. Not available for purchase.

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