Amberhaze is Giuliano Gullotti’s long-standing solo project . Secretly aspiring to be a music conductor since the age of three and after years of playing in bands all over the world, the Italian multi-instrumentalist found himself in Singapore, and in 2006 decided to take on the Singapore scene under the moniker Amberhaze, home-recording and self-releasing his first collection of songs, the ‘newborn’ EP. ‘Then We Saw The Stars Again’, Amberhaze’s full-length debut, was released to critical acclaim in Singapore in September 2009 on Singapore independent label KittyWu Records.

Now based in Toronto, Canada, Amberhaze is still keeping true to its bedroom aesthetics, while expanding his soundscapes from Singapore to the relentless energy of the Canadian city.

Equal parts shoegaze, post-rock and electronica, Amberhaze blends warm textured layers with simple, candid melodies. Giuliano’s music is a sound in constant evolution, a process towards which he lets experimentation and trial-and-error lead the way. Amberhaze’s compositions have been described as “unfurling unexpected glimpses of beauty; relentlessly romantic, unashamedly harmonic and yet moody at the same time and conveying a plethora of different feelings.”

On the live performance spectrum of Amberhaze, the last three years saw warmly received performances at Singapore’s largest independent music festival Baybeats, commissioned works from Singapore’s art and cultural centre, Esplanade Theatres On The Bay, and several intimate shows around Singapore, including opening for American instrumental duo Lymbyc Systym and Japanese quartet LITE for their first ever Singapore show. Overseas performances include Kuala Lumpur (opening for Japanese jazz-tinged instrumental rockers ‘toe’ ) and the week long mini-festival A*Fest in Manila, Philippines.

2011 sees Amberhaze sinking new roots in Toronto, with his debut Canadian appearance at the prominent Canadian Music Festival 2011, and a new album in the works.


Album Title: newborn CDEP
Release Date: Oct 2007
Catalogue No.: Self-Released

Album Title: then we saw the stars again CDLP
Release Date: September 2009
Catalogue No.: KWR006


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