Amateur Takes Control

Originally started as a solo project by guitarist Adel Rashid, Amateur Takes Control (ATC) has evolved to its present core line-up of Adel and Isa Ong, with an additional 3 sessionists complementing it’s live performances.

Amateur Takes Control creates music which is undeniably diverse in style and influence, yet still manages to showcase a seamlessness that justifies their identity as a group. Inspired by the simplest of things like life, love and waking up in the morning realizing you have another day to be thankful for, ATC strives to translate these inspirations into their brand of heartfelt instrumental music.

Known for their intense onstage performances and dedication to their craft, these young men have a passion about the music they’re creating, helping them receive invitations to prominent shows such as RockStar Collective’s Block Party in Singapore and the Motion Picture Soundtrack series of shows at Laundry Bar, Kuala Lumpur. This, and their prolific releases, has helped ATC garner a sizeable following both in Singapore and Malaysia. Amateur Takes Control has opened for plus/minus (+/-) (US), Envy (JPN), Bitch Magnet (US).

The band has two previously self-released EPs “Built on Miles of Hope” and “Amateur Takes Control” released in April 2008 and August 2007 respectively. Their 2008 full length, “You, Me And The Things Unsaid” debuted on KittyWu Records.

They played their last show on 28 July 2013 and are on an “indefinite hiatus”.


Album Title: Amateur Takes Control CDEP
Release Date: August 2007
Catalogue No.: Self-Released

Album Title: Built On Miles of Hope CD Single
Release Date: April 2008
Catalogue No.: Self-Released

Album Title: You, Me And The Things Unsaid CDLP
Release Date: Oct 2008
Catalogue No.: KWR002


Channel V Amp

KittyWu Records


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