Deepset is the modern day tale of music with a sensibility that touches the core of human values. Capturing the heartfelt emotions portrayed in day-to-day trials & tribulations of life, Deepset is the soundscape that taps the back of our senses with a definite resonance on what is actually happening around us, an aural creation that incorporates our knowledge, experience and the state of mind we’re in, and lets the listener display his truest feelings.

In 2002, this Malaysia-based quartet, influenced by the harmonic and sonic experimentation of independent rock/shoegaze bands of the ’90s, began exploring and experimenting with instrumental sound projects, culminating in the release of a 3 track demo in 2005.

Having played at several independent performances in and around Kuala Lumpur, Deepset has grown a strong following and added to the burgeoning Malaysian music scene with their debut full-length “The Lights We Shed Shall Burn Your Eyes” in August 2008, released on KittyWu Records.


Album Title: Self-titled 3 Track CDEP
Release Date: 2005
Catalogue No.: Self-Released

Album Title: “A Long Way Down” single
Contribution to in-situ sound project and limited-edition CD “Malling in KL” by artist Daniela Franco
Release Date: 2006

Album Title: The Lights We Shed Shall Burn Your Eyes CDLP
Release Date: Aug 2008
Catalogue No.: KWR002


Channel V Amp


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